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The induction cooktops are rapidly shifting gas and electric stoves in modern kitchens. Modern design, practicality, ease of operation make them more popular with each new day. If gas, electric stoves first heat the panel, and after the dishes, the induction hobs immediately begin to distribute heat to the frying pans and pots.

An electromagnet acts as a heating element, which creates an electric current and generates heat when in contact with the metal. The induction coil, which is equipped with a heater, produces a magnetic field under the glass-ceramic coating, so the panel remains cold, and it is impossible to burn yourself. The glass plate serves only as a stand for dishes.

Induction stoves were developed using modern technologies; therefore they have the following advantages over gas and electric stoves:

fast heating speeds up the cooking process;
just wipe the surface with a damp sponge to keep it clean;
spilled liquid or scattered food cannot be burnt on the panel;
low energy costs in contrast to electric stoves.

Here are the best induction cooktops that you should buy without winking an eye.


Bajaj Majesty Induction Cooktop (Black)


bajaj induction cooktopsThe stylish Bajaj Majesty Induction Cooktop attracts customers not only with its design but also at an affordable price. Instead of the usual circles to indicate the heating zone on the black glass-ceramics of this model, squares are depicted. Such a modern design idea distinguishes the slab from the total number of similar devices. Built-in kitchen appliances equipped with good functionality, the residual heat indicator protects against accidental burns if, for example, the hostess hurries with cleaning the panel before it cools.

Prestige Induction Cooktop with Push button (Black)

prestige induction cooktopsThe dimensions of the device are 38x26x6 cm, made with black glass doors and black glass-ceramic hob. The total power consumption is 1200W. The device belongs to the energy efficiency class A ++, and this is noted by users as an advantage. Separate hob control: touch for the hob and mechanical rotary switches the induction cooktop with its reliability and predictability collects the most positive, even rave reviews. A small minus is the traditional manual cleaning, but the special coating of the walls makes the task much easier. You can configure a simple alert, delayed start, or delayed shutdown.

Philips HD4929 Induction Cooker (Black)

philips induction cooktopsMade in the classic black and silver form factor with a glass-ceramic surface, this Philips HD4929 Induction Cooker comes with an overall energy consumption of 2100 watts. Rings are equipped with a timer and automatic, providing a short pause. The hob is equipped with a control sensor and a countdown timer, with a setting function of up to 3 hours. When setting the cooking time, the panel will turn off automatically at the right time. Touch control is quite simple and its easy even for older people. The advantages are it consumes less energy and comes with a one year warranty. Further, it features customized programming option to make Indian dishes.

Pigeon by Stovekraft Favourite Induction Cooktop

piegon induction cooktopsFor people who live alone, as a couple or do not have much space to have a conventional kitchen plate, there are also models tailored to their specific needs, so they do not have to spend more money than necessary or mortgage the space the time to cook.

In such conditions, the Pigeon by Stovekraft Favourite Induction Cooktop is a good alternative. An induction plate allows using containers of different sizes for cooking.

Containers on which power of 2,000 watts is applied, facilitates rapid heating as well as reaching temperatures of up to 240 degrees inside. All this in a product that does not reach the kilo of weight and that you can save where you want when you are not using it.

Although it belongs to the best brand of induction plates of the moment, this product offers a complete layout and features 7 Indian preset menus.

Usha Cook Joy (3616) Induction Cooktop (Black)

usha induction cooktopsMade in black with a glossy glass-ceramic exterior, this Usha Cook Joy (3616) Induction Cooktop comes with a pan sensor technology. The stove is fully induction with the appropriate type of heating. This ideal induction cooktops comes with 5 preset menu options and an extra long cord. The function of maintaining heat is also there (for warming up soups, melting butter or chocolate, etc.) is also often useful in the household. The induction cooktops supports the power of 1600 watts and may fluctuate to 1500 watts due to resistance in voltage.

So, folks get any of these induction cooktops and make your cooking sessions more fun-filled.

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